Gents Suit tailor in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR

Stylish suits are ultimate weapon of men to get a sharp look and to be noticed at any time, but you have to know the art of dress up or you may end up ruining a great piece.

A recent study has reviled that wearing formal attire changes people’s thought processes. Putting on formal clothes makes one feel powerful, and that changes the basic way one see the world.

The thing about men’s suits is that they never go out of fashion even with the constant change in style.

Fancyana today is here with tips on how to pair your gents suit tailor in gurgaon and delhi ncr, shirts and ties to attain new highs and make you stand out from the crowd in a good way.


Make sure that you have shirts in the traditional colours like, white, powder blue and pale pink, this provides more freedom while pairing your shirt with ties.

For your ties, opt for knitted or textured ties to really differ from your sartorial corporate looks. Silk ties in classic prints with thicker stripes and solid are recommended for maximum versatility and timelessness. Pick a tie that’s darker than your shirt if you’re looking for the safest route.

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